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    Rooftop Solar for Residences

    TerraCura Solutions has a successful track record of implementing more than a dozen rooftop solar projects for residential villas and homes, with a wide variety of domestic electric appliances and loads. Our portfolio includes projects of 2KWp capacity all the way to 6KWp for residences, including resistive and inductive loads such as Air Conditioners, water pumps, refrigerators, induction stoves, microwave ovens, dish washer, washing machine and fans, apart from lighting. We provide cost-effective, optimized sizing for the solar plant to meet the load requirements for a wide variety of domestic appliances. Our solutions comprise superior quality solar panels (Class A) for long-lasting, trouble-free life, robust solar power conditioning units that can handle electrical loads effectively while not injecting harmonics and long-lasting, long warranty batteries for storage.

    Captive Solar Plant for industries and commercial establishments

    Captive Solar Plants are solar power generators to generate power for self-use in industries and commercial entities. These are much more reliable and cost-effective with very little maintenance when compared to diesel generators, and are ideal for industries and companies as they work out to provide cheaper electricity than the combination of grid power and diesel gensets. They also do not have interrupted power as in the case of grid power with power cuts, and nicely complement existing grid connection and diesel gensets by reducing power and diesel bills while providing power for the industrial or commercial unit without complexity of electrical rewiring.

    TerraCura Solutions have a number of reputed customers in this segment and have implemented industrial and commercial projects for manufacturing companies, hospitals and educational institutions among others. Projects typically range from 10KWp to 100KWp and more. We provide both grid-tied and battery-backed solutions depending on customer need and have partnered with world's leading inverter companies to bring the best of technology in the world to our solutions.

    EPC for Solar Farms

    With several governments across India coming out with progressive solar policy, the demand for large solar plants of 1MW and more capacity has been increasing over the years. Large industries also set up plants from 100KWp to 500KWp capacity for own use as well as to commercially offer the electricity produced to other users and state-owned utility companies. TerraCura Solutions offers technical expertise as well as complete EPC service for large solar farms, in designing, procuring and implementing solar farms of large capacity.

    Why Solar?

  • Unlike thermal electric plants dependent on coal, oil and nuclear fuel, Solar Power is clean power and green power. It does not generate any gases or disposable waste as in the case of other common grid-based power sources.
  • Whether it is for own homes or for factories and commercial establishments, solar power plant gives freedom from power cuts, dependence on diesel gensets with their maintenance and diesel sourcing and storing issues, and is a reliable complement to meeting critical power requirements.
  • Unlike hydel and wind power (which are also green and clean power sources), solar power is available most of the days through the year and hence produces power all through the year. State utility providers which are dependent on hydel and wind power usually fall short during summer months, when solar production is at its peak. Hence this is a complementary solution to other green power solutions.
  • Rooftop solar power in many countries has replaced thermal power as the cheaper source of electricity. As fossil fuels become scarcer and their prices go up over the years, solar power will be the future source of electricity, with long lasting solar panels providing electricity for more than 25 years and with virtually no maintenance required.
  • Industries, commercial establishments and even residences will find an attractive return on investment for solar power as compared to constantly increasing grid power charges and changing costs for diesel as world demand changes over the years.
  • With various Government schemes (such as accelerated depreciation, attractive buy-back rates for solar generated electricity, etc), solar power installations not only provide uninterrupted electricity without any distribution losses but also make economic sense as a safe, risk-free investment with very attractive returns over the life time of 25 plus years.
  • Aesthetics, Safety and Space : Solar power plants are safe with no moving parts, no combustible materials and no exposed electrical connections. Situated above the roofs, they take no usable real estate, and provide an aesthetic look while generating power, as compared to any other power generation plant.
  • Quick Installation and fast visible results : A solar plant may take between 4 to 6 weeks to commission and starts producing electricity from the very next day, all through the year; other alternates take much longer for installation and require steady supply of raw materials (wind for wind energy; bio-mass for bio-gas plants and bio-diesel for bio-diesel plants), before producing electricity.

    Rain Water Harvesting

    Rain water is nature's own source of clean and fresh water. It gets polluted only after reaching the surface of the roof or ground. In many cities in India with severe water scarcity (including Bangalore), there is plenty of rain water that the city receives annually - all of which fall on paved surfaces, run off into gutters and eventually end up in polluted water bodies. TerraCura Solutions has implemented a number of Rain water harvesting solutions which filter and store the rain water from large roof surfaces, which can become the primary source of water for both residences and industries. Our practical experience in these solutions help us optimize client investments by right-sizing storage tanks, deploying appropriate water filters and devising custom designs to cater to client's water needs.

    Water Optimization Consulting

    As cities face water scarcity, there is a need for optimizing the water demand with minor changes to usage pattern and water re-use in a safe, hygenic and intelligent manner. Reuse of different quality of water for different purposes alone can reduce the total water demand significantly by two-thirds. TerraCura Solutions have analyzed and designed optimized water solutions for individual homes as well as apartment complexes, resulting in reducing the water demand by even up to 90%. Apartment complexes that were heavily dependent on daily external supply of water have become fully self-sufficient due to these strategies and solutions - all without significantly changing life styles or requiring complex adjustments.

    Low Maintenance Waste Water Treatment System

    Distributed Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS) is used to describe a sewage treatment system that uses nature's processes to decompose sewage and extract water and make it usable through a series of filters. This system uses little to no power, no consumables and literally no maintenance while functioning, and is scalable from a single home to a city sewage plant. TerraCura Solutions has designed and implemented this system at various levels - from a single home to larger complexes, and can offer design consulting as well as turn-key implementation of this system for any capacity to customers. It is very cost-effective, can withstand variations in composition and quantity of sewage and lasts for a number of years, unlike other technologies which require daily maintenance, periodic consumables and power for motors and pumps.

    Industrial Waste Processing

    Unlike domestic sewage processing systems, industrial waste processing requires special handling depending on the industrial effluents. For some of the waste, DEWATS-like systems followed by additional filters may be the solution, while for others, custom solutions are required for effectively not only decompose the waste, but also extract the water for re-use and recycling. TerraCura Solutions provides consulting, design services and turn-key project execution services for industries with special requirements for their effluents.

    Grey Water Reuse Solutions

    Grey Water is the biggest component of waste water generated domestically and refers to all waste water that excludes toilet waste. This typically includes washing machine water, dish washer and wash basin effluents, bath water, and all other wash water. This water does not generally contain the bacterial concentration that is found in flush water from toilets, and hence with some little filtration, can be reused for a variety of needs including gardening, flush water and even reused in washing machines (with appropriate filters). TerraCura Solutions has had extensive experience in reuse of grey water to reduce overall water demand and can offer this experience in the form of consulting services to design optimized water designs for homes and apartment complexes.

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