TerraCura Solutions Private Limited

TerraCura Solutions was conceived in response to a problem. Several years ago, Srinivasan Sekar, who at that time was in a successful career as Senior Director of Engineering at Hewlett-Packard Company, was haunted by the urban problems faced by everyone on a daily basis in Bangalore – power cuts, water scarcity and waste management issues plaguing the city. While agonizing over these issues like everyone else in any Indian urban area, it struck him that all his and others’ accomplishments in IT field was of little help in solving existential issues that plagued every household. This led his engineering mind to start seeking technological solutions for these issues – leading to his quitting a lucrative IT career and embarking on a long journey into finding “Green Living” solutions, which culminated in the formation of TerraCura Solutions Private Limited. Thus, the germination of the company was due to the passion behind solving existential issues with sound technological solutions.

Solution Approach:

  • Sustainable Living solutions in solar, water and waste management.
  • Integrated approach to designing eco-solutions for homes, gated communities and commercial entities.
  • Innovative value-adds through creative use of locally available technologies and products.
  • Focus is not only on technology but also on aesthetic deployment of solutions.

Core Values:
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Trust and Teamwork
  • Solution Excellence : timely execution, quality products, innovative solutions
  • Customer Delight : Superior Value for price, Excellence in communication, After-sales Support
  • Profitability : Ethical Business Practices, Profit for growth
  • Nothing is Impossible : Constant learning and innovation to create new value and new and superior products and solution
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly solutions : Our focus is in creating solutions that are eco-friendly and sustainable to our customers, our society and our environment.

Srinivasan Sekar, Founder Director, MD and CEO
Sekar image

Sekar's journey into green living solutions started with his community's water problems. His complex, consisting of about 100-odd apartments and villas, faced severe water crunch due to dry borewells, increasing demand for water tankers and water rationing within the complex resulting in perennial issues for owners and management committee members. He tackled this issue over a course of six months by designing and implementing probably India's only "sewage to potability" closed-loop water system, that extracted and purified water from sewage all the way to making it potable and recirculating it for general purpose use within the community. The issues tackled were not only of technical nature but also involved overcoming mind-sets about reusing water that had mixed in sewage, and also building in a redundant solution that is fail-proof.

Prior to becoming a "Green champion" in his community and later in the larger society, Sekar had an illustrious career in the field of computer science and led several technical and management leadership roles in marquee companies with several successes to his credit. His companies included Hewlett-Packard, where he had a long stint of 17 years and was its Senior Director of Engineering for the Server and Storage Division, aside from filing a patent in storage virtualization; CDAC, CMC Limited where he was Head of Innovation, and several other firms. Sekar has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a MS in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA. His career led him to working in Japan and US apart from India.

Sekar's current interests are focused on creating innovative solutions for energy, water and waste water management, and in a span of couple of years since he started in this field, he is now recognized as an expert in water and waste water management solutions and has had media coverage of both his home and his community where he has successfully deployed sustainable solutions. Sekar leads TerraCura Solutions from the front with focus on innovative solution design, marketing and overall management of the company.

Ramesh Lakshminarayana

Ramesh did his B.E (Mech & Manuf) from Univ. of South Australia. He has diverse career experience of over 20 years in project commissioning and execution. Ramesh has led a number of complex projects including commissioning of Nuclear Fuel Corporation Uranium refinement, turnkey project management at Hindalco Industries, assembly line set-up at BPL and many more; In TerraCura Solutions, he leads project management and execution at site, including design and deployment of mounting structures and commissioning of projects.

Why TerraCura:
  • Integrated Approach to Green Living Solutions : we design integrated solutions across domains such as Solar, Water and Waste management, thereby maximizing eco-friendliness for our customers.
  • Focus on Customer Value : we create our solutions to provide unique customer value and not just to promote usage of products and technologies.
  • Proven Management Team : With a vast experience in business, strategy, technology, customer service and manufacturing, we have depth and breadth in our management team to bring the best solutions to our customers

TerraCura Solutions – Driven by Passion; Built on excellence and customer delight.